The Website Marketing Company has developed Strategizer, proprietary software to help clients:

  • Find their website's most profitable target keywords.
  • Plan search marketing campaigns.
  • Report and monitor your site results.

Strategizer will help you:

  • Increase your productivity
    Target keyword niches (groups of keywords) instead of single phrases.
  • Find your target keyword niches
    Strategizer will automatically find your site’s most profitable target keyword niches.
  • Plan your PPC and organic campaigns
    Strategizer will automatically suggest a series of actions for each of your target keyword niches.
  • Report and monitor your results
    Strategizer provides trend reports and graphs showing your site’s visit numbers and response rates for all your target keyword niches.
  • See estimates of keywords popularity
    Find out how often keywords are searched with before investing in them.
  • See Google's estimates of seasonal trends in popularity
    Check trends and seasonal use of keywords before investing in them.
  • Discover your site’s market share of target keywords
    What % of target keywords' searches come to your site (clients love these reports).
  • Identify the opportunity each target keyword niche offers your site
    Compare the opportunity of different target keyword niches with easy to read bar charts.

Subscriptions to Strategizer are by invitation only and currently limited to TWMCO clients.
Contact us to find out more about how Strategizer can help increase your revenue and decrease costs.

Or visit the Strategizer website and learn How to sell more donuts (and other stuff).