Audit & Road Map

Website marketing must be part of a considered plan if it is to achieve its potential. This is why all work by Alban Digital starts with an Audit & Road map.

To devise the right strategy and tactics we need to understand your company, its markets, and marketing. Then we can tailor our service to meet the needs of your business. Our Audit & Road Maps cover search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), pay per click advertising (PPC), conversion optimisation, email marketing and more.

Of all the work involved in website marketing, from planning to delivery, the Audit & Road Map is the most important. Subsequently, it is an extensive and detailed piece of work. Following is a look at some the subjects that can be covered...

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Key features & benefits

Your brand

Because your brand is your most precious asset, all our SEO and online marketing is targeted to protect and enhance it.

Data-led return on investment (ROI) plan

An accurate ROI forecast gives you the information you need to budget for investment and return. We forecast using our own software to estimate market size, existing market share and current visits. This data is used to forecast the cost of investment, as well as potential conversion rates, sales and revenue.

Content-centred actions

Technical expertise makes sure ‘the car’ (your website) works. Creative quality content and promotion wins you ‘races’. Our work is centred on quality content that attracts interest and converts customers.


We practise New SEO which builds on the importance of keywords, quality content and technical issues with concern for branding, visitor behavior and social media.

Integrated SEO & SMM Action Plans

We deliver a Road Map that will maximise results for your business by integrating SEO with social media, email, PPC, conversion techniques and offline marketing.

A step-by-step action plan

All our recommendations will be discussed, explained and summarised in a simple step-by-step prioritised action plan.

Working with your in-house teams

We believe in helping our clients take ownership of their SEO campaigns. We give your company the support it needs to gain the skills and experience to fully manage and implement its online marketing and SEO in-house. In the meantime, some jobs are quicker, cheaper and more effectively done by specialists. We advise you of the right mix and continue to advise and train in-house teams for as long as required.

Estimates of further work

All recommended actions come with estimates for delivering the work. But you can choose to ‘drive your own car’ using any suppliers you like. It's your journey.

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The Audit

To plan your future SEO campaign, we first need to understand the history and current state of your site, it’s marketing and results. This analysis is divided into these parts:

  • Visits
  • Links
  • Market
  • Marketing
  • Technical issues


Existing visits

We'll tell you how much traffic your site gets and where it comes from including:

  • Search engine visits (paid and ‘organic’).
  • Visits via searches with and without your brand name.
  • Which groups of keywords (keyword niches) are used.
  • What countries and regions.
  • News, image, video and product searches.
  • Social media and other websites.


Response rates (the % of visits converted to perform a wanted action, eg, buying something) and response numbers (the number of conversions) are found for different segments of visitors, Including for different groups of keywords (keyword niches).

All marketing, including SEO and PPC can then be targeted at the visitors, marketing channels and keyword niches that bring the highest response. This simple but often neglected process makes maximising your return on investment (ROI) possible.


Inbound links

Inbound links from other websites are required for your website to be found. And SEO success requires a range of links from quality sites.

Bad links

The wrong inbound link profile, for example from poor SEO work, risks a Google penalty (aka a ‘manual action’). We will analyse your site’s link profile for such risk as well as its potential.



We’ll find your online marketplace. This is the network of websites (blog, forums, news sites, social media and specialists sites) that your target audience visit.


We can’t target an audience if we don’t know who they are. So we must define your existing and target audiences. We want to know who they are, what they they like and love. What really makes their heads turn. What will make them click on a product description or a story headline. And who are the influencers in this audience - what websites, bloggers, personalities and news media?

As well as understanding the people and organisations you are targeting, we want to know what keywords they search Google with. These, of course, are the target keywords you want your website to come top of Google search results for.

Market share

Online market share can be measured as a % of sales and as the % of relevant searches that find your website on search engines.


We’ll find and analyze your competitors, learning what lessons we can from them.



The right quality content for your target audience will attracts links, likes, sharing, and positive branding. This will deliver the results you want from search engines and visitors.

We’ll analyze the appropriateness of your existing content and make recommendations for new content on your website and social media sites.


We’ll review your existing and historical SEO, looking for good work that can be built on and the bad that must be fixed to avoid issues with Google.

Social media

We’ll analyse your site and brand’s presence across the big generic social media sites (eg, twitter, facebook), smaller specialist interest sites and the influential blogs in your online market place.


It doesn’t matter how attractive your site and content are, or how many visits you get, if there is no optimised conversion process then it is all in vain. So we will evaluate how you convert visitors to sales.

Whilst we’re on the subject, here’s a call to action (CTA) from us: contact us now to find out more about what an Audit & Road Map from Alban Digital can do for your online marketing. We’ll start with a free 30-minute consultation - that’s enough time for us to see your site and evaluate how much we can help you.

Technical issues

Structure, navigation, build, URLs

Site and page structure, internal links and navigation and your page URLs can all stop your site from being indexed and optimised for search engines and humans alike.

Technical SEO issues

We’ll check your site for a wide range of technical SEO issues, including: robots.txt page, XML site maps, URLs, rel canonical tags, page metadata, broken links, 404 pages, W3C compliance, microformatting, Google authorship, javascript and Flash menus, bloated code and site analytics configuration.

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The Road Map

Once the analysis and Audit are complete, we can plan your Road Map to online success, including...

SEO strategy

Technical SEO

A list of technical ‘fixes’ required to optimise your site for search engines.

Target keyword niches

A prioritised list of target keyword niches.


A range of quality content ideas and types that will interest your marketplace’s influencers and target audience; and enable your site to get results for your target keyword niches.

External link building

Starting with plans to build a network of contacts within your online market place. A brand-enhancing link building campaign to promote the above quality content to that network.

Site structure & internal links

Information architecture (IA) - how to organise new and existing content to help users and search engines. Including using links within your site on menus, ‘features’ and inside copy.

SMM strategy

Generic social media sites

How to use the big social media sites Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram to boost your brand, SEO and online conversion.

Specialist social media sites

How to use specialist social media sites in your marketplace to boost your brand, SEO and online conversion.

Pay per click (PPC)

We’ll recommend any wanted new paid campaigns on Google Adwords, facebook and Yahoo-Bing; and the optimisation required of existing campaigns.



Fundamentals like clear user journeys, calls to action (CTAs), lead recruitment and email marketing will be recommended.


'Always be testing' is the mantra of conversion optimisation. Once the basic elements of conversion are in place, conversion optimisation requires a testing process which we will advise on.


What to measure, how and why

The right metrics and matching reports are essential to know what is working, what is not and where future efforts should be directed. Clear recommendations will be made, including (all for different keywords, keyword niches and other visitor segments):

  • Positions in search engine results pages (SERPs), aka ranks
  • Visitor numbers
  • Response rates
  • Response levels

Simple, action-focused reports

We’ll recommend quick and easy to read reports. They come ready analysed and with our recommendations for action.

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